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Little Angel.7z [EXCLUSIVE]

I love 7-Zip but if, like me and plenty of others out there, you think the default filetype icons are really boring and the File Manager toolbar buttons are a little plain and would like an easy peasy way of changing either or both there is a neat little free program called 7-Zip Theme Manager. You can change the filetype icons and the File Manager button icons. You can even create your own themes if look at the current themes (unhide all files) and can figure out what you need. Check it out here:

little angel.7z

While 7-zip is a useful program, and I make quite a lot of use of it, including the command line version"zip.exe", I also use the older EnZip (which is nottrully portable, I accept). It displays filesizesto 2 decimal places and allows the compression settingsto be varied when using drag and drop. It is also alittle more convenient to use when dragging and dropping.

The first time an investor asked if I was building a lifestyle business, I felt insulted. With images of working from the beach or spending my days golfing with clients, their question seemed to belittle the insane hours I was working.

Build 0.02a is out now, after a long delay (The worlds been crazy)! There are a lot of little changes. The main changes are the new floors to the dungeon and the werewolf species.Thanks for sticking with it! Artwork for the next 2 species is already complete, so I will be putting them in for you soon!Catch me anytime on discord or message me here, to give ideas, feedback or just to say hello. 041b061a72


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