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Virtual Dj Mix Lab 3.1 Skin Download EXCLUSIVE

Virtual DJ is a mixing software for audios and videos. It is a widely used software and is feasible for the beginners. The software was released in 2003 by Atomix Productions. Atomix virtual DJ has seen more than 100,000,000 downloads since. It is used by many professional DJs worldwide.

Virtual Dj Mix Lab 3.1 Skin Download


Virtual DJ has an easy-to-use and streamlined user interface which is familiar to most people. Even those who are not familiar with its UI find it easy to pick up on it and get used to it. You can also choose and download your own skins from the virtual DJ site and add them to your system. It also has two-deck and four-deck setup, and you also have the option to add up to 99 decks on the side. For those DJ who want to load up many tunes for longer sets or use in radio, this feature is very useful.

Virtual DJ is very cheap to expand with the help of some extra bobs and bits like a module of video DJing, editing modules for sampling and cutting tracks, many custom layouts, community-made FX. The virtual DJ controller is highly effective for use on computer as well as laptop.

You can download virtual DJ and use its home version for free. This is given on the basis that you do not use it in a professional way, it is for your personal use. It will not allow you to connect to the controller for more than 10 minutes, but you can get the full version of the software for laptop only mixers.

Loading tunes to the library is a pretty easy task once you are finished with the Virtual DJ download. You have 3 options where either you can browse your folders directly from within the software folder navigator, add tunes to the software folder or import from iTunes. You can choose to analyze the tunes you fine in folders or the imported ones as it always best to have a look before.

Virtual DJ and create an account by putting your login details and personal information on the Login window. Verify the account by the confirmation code, which will be sent to you on your account. With your account confirmed, the Virtual DJ software is now officially launched. Once, the software is launched, you have to choose the interface. The software requires you to select the interface for your mix (audio or video). A window that has the entire DJ setup, will open. On the top right corner of the window, there is a button for configuration. Click it to choose the skin.

To get music on the virtual DJ setup, you can use the list which contains the folders (in your computer) recognized by the Virtual DJ software. Click one of the folders, choose the audio track and drag it to one of the virtual vinyl turntables above. The music or the audio file is now loaded, and you can see a track overview. It allows you to navigate through the track on a point, by just clicking on that point.

Although auto-sync is not something that should rely on always but if you are only going to use your laptop and no other hardware, you might need to use it as you will not be able to effectively nudge around the decks to get the tracks in time. If you are experiencing any issues with auto-sync, then you will have to check the way virtual DJ has analyzed your tracks and tunes as it can get the incorrect BPM or put the beat grids in wrong place at times.

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