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If you are looking for beautiful heirloom hankies, Bumblebee Linens is just the right place to find them. I've purchased over 150 times from Bumblebee Linens, and I open each package knowing I'm going to find something gorgeous. Their products are high-end, top quality. Their service is exceptional! I continue to be a very satisfied customer since 2011.


Silk hankies or mawata are made from silk cocoons that are intact (the transformation of the silk worm into the moth was arrested so that the moth did not break through the cocoon) but not suitable for reeling. The cocoons are soaked in warm, soapy water to remove the sericin that binds the fibers together. The remains of the worm are removed, and the cocoon is stretched out and eased over a small wood frame (or in the case of silk caps and bells, over an archshaped mold). Each layer in a hankie is composed of several cocoons.

Star Tribune promotions manager Terrie Robbins thought up the idea of a Homer Hanky as a way to promote the newspaper during the Twins' 1987 playoff run.[4] In a 2010, Tim McGuire, managing editor of the Star Tribune, contended that the beginnings of the Hanky were not without opposition from the Twins.[5] He cites the organization's concerns from distracting players to being "the laughing stock of baseball". After handing out 60,000 Homer Hanky and a second inning Gary Gaetti home run in Game 1 of the ALCS, Terrie recalls, "I get teary-eyed and get goose bumps just telling you this, but when I looked, the stadium was awash with hankies cheering the Twins." In the coming weeks, a total of 2.3 million hankies were distributed.

Silk Hankies are created from the silk worm cocoons that have been spread out on a frame. Mawata refers to this type of silk preparation in which the softened cocoons are spread onto a frame. Our hankies have been beautifully dyed and are ready to embellish your fiber arts projects. They can be used in a felting or a spinning project. These hankies are layered and our 10 gram (.35 oz) packs have approximately 16 to 18 hankies. They make beautiful embellishment for your felting projects.

Created from our legendary 400 thread-count Pima cotton cloth, our hankies include the Royal Highnies logo subtly stitched into one corner. They work perfectly either as a quality hankie or pocket square.

Frequently seen in classic movies or old photos, there is an elegance to vintage hankies unmatched by any contemporary paper equivalent. Often adorned with embroidery, and frequently handmade with care, vintage handkerchiefs, easily found on eBay at affordable prices, are still a mark of elegance and refinement. They are also a practical accessory for anyone who suffers from allergies or the common cold but prefers a more eco-friendly alternative to tissues.

More than just a piece of cloth, vintage hankies come in many styles. They were designed as an accessory as well as to represent the fashion sense of their owner. They can convey a great deal about the personality of whomever owns it.

All of the hankies in my shop were handmade (by me) in my sewing studio in Bellingham, WA, a couple of hours north of Seattle. Each hankie is 11" square. Washing is as easy as tossing in the washer and dryer with your t-shirts.


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