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RPG Maker MV Save Editor - A Free and Open Source Tool to Edit Your RPGSave Files

  • Two reasons: Firstly, I wouldn't download and trust a random EXE I found on the internet, so why should I expect you to?

  • Secondly, it's I needed a personal project to refresh my somewhat rusty JavaScript skills after a couple of years rocking backend services and big data ;-)

You filthy cheater! Get gud you lozer! I don't like to play games twice (unless it's years apart), and I don't like to feel I'm missing things on my single playthrough.

rpgsave save editor download


To be honest, I found myself save scumming a lot. So whacking up my Tinkering, Technology, Personality and Luck stats has greatly improved my experience without devaluating the value of the skill points I get through leveling. Similarly, the game is a lot more fun (for me) when I can see my follower's health and what the opposition is armed with, so I gave myself the corresponding perks rather than having to chose those and the 'mandatory' ones.

Browser security prevents it. Trust me, its a good thing. If a web page could control where files were loaded from or saved to it could easily read a personal file or overwrite a system file with a virus.